Cargo space dimensions of road vehicles

Depending on the type of the cargo space, the vehicles are:

  • Tarpaulin – covered vehicles;
  • Vans (refrigerated vehicles);
  • Platforms;
  • Gondolas; (for carriage of grains, corn, etc.) and inert materials (sand, gravel, etc.);
  • Tanks;
  • Container vessels and others;

Depending on the dimensions of the load compartment, the vehicles are:

  • Standard trailer(Length -13.60m, standard height h = 2.70m, volume 90m3)
  • Hanger (two rooms maximum volume up to 119m3);
  • Mega trailer (length 13,60m; height h = 2,90 – 3,00m; volume up to 100m3);
  • Jumbo (length-13,60m, 4lm scene, volume up to 100m3).