What is a TIR Carnet?

The TIR Carnet (TIR Carnet) is an international transport guarantee document for securing customs claims up to $ 50,000. It is issued under an international TIR Convention, under the guarantee of IRU (International Association of Carriers), and for Bulgaria – AEBTRI (Association of the Bulgarian Enterprises for International Carriage and Roads).

The TIR carnet is an international transit document for goods under cover of the guarantee given by the issuing organization. According to it, goods  are carried with customs stamps and seals, in road vehicles or containers. It is necessary the means of transport to be pre-approved on the methods described in the Convention and to have a valid Certificate of Approval.

The TIR carnet is a hardcover booklet and a corresponding number of sheets called volleys. Their number is determined depending on the destination of the cargo, but never less than four.
Carriages under the TIR procedure may be carried out via several customs offices of departure and destination, including in different countries, with a total number of countries not exceeding four. Respectively they may be: one sending and three receiving, two sending and two receiving, three sending and one receiving.
In order to ensure more efficient control, Customs may give directions for a route where vehicles would be easily distinguishable due to the TIR plate.
The carriage must be carried out within a reasonable time and time. If any carrier for a variety of objective reasons, such as the existence of force majeure fails to meet the delivery deadline or follow the specified direction must give reasonable explanations. In the case of more serious accidents – impaired integrity of the customs seals, road traffic accident, partial or total destruction of the goods, the carrier is obliged to ensure drafting а statement of findings by the nearest local authorities by ensuring that the “Finding Protocol” is filled in the TIR carnet. In such situations, this document entitles the customs authorities to carry out an investigation.